Re: Feeding

Susan Evans Garlinghouse (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 10:31:52 -0800

Kristen L Olko wrote:
> I jus read that darker green manure is a possible sign of too much
> protein. Is this
> true?

Not that I've ever heard---not that I'm the final word on much of
anything. However, dark green manure often comes from feeding alot of
alfalfa, and alot of alfalfa is alot of protein. Not enough to damage
kidneys, I would think you'd have to be pounding down straight soybean
meal with a jackhammer to do that.

This is just my own opinion, there are lots of horses that get that much
alfalfa and have no problems. Personally, I don't like feeding that
much for various reasons that I'll jumped up and down on ad nauseum
before. Most horses are overfed protein and underfed energy. One
good-sized flake of alfalfa will supply sufficient protein---my
suggestion would be to cut down on the alfalfa, continue to free-feed
bermuda and add a pound or two of fibrous oats to make up the energy
without adding in so much protein.

By the way, alot of horses, especially TBs have other problems on high
alfalfa rations---thick, patchy sweat, scratches and other skin
problems, temperament problems, lots and lots of foul-smelling urine.

Good luck,

If so, is it enough to damage the kidneys? How useful would a blood
> analysis be?
> How much would one cost? Does 3 thin to medium sized flakes of alfalfa
> and free choice
> bermuda sound like too much protein for an 1100 lb TB?
> Thanks,
> Kris