Waterproofing Blankets

Sun, 30 Nov 1997 04:55:33 -0500 (EST)

I have recently waterproofed my horse blankets using a product called
"DuckBack" which is intended for use on oil coats.... so far, it seems to be
working like a champ! I live in Central Coast CA and we have had quite a bit
of rain so far this year!

My horse blankets are anywhere from 10 years old to 1 year old . . . and the
original weather proofing was gone!

When you apply the cream to the blanket, I used my fingers instead of a
rag... don't seem to waste as much... also can feel when the cream in rubed
into the fabric better... you also need to let it sit out in the hot sun for
awhile so the cream penetrates into the fabric.... but in a pinch, you might
have some luck with a blow drier....

Good Luck!
Patti - Robbie, Flare, Natasha and Bonnie are glad I discovered this trick!

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<< Kristen L Olko wrote:
> Has anyone used Scotch guard to waterproof horse blankets? How
> much success did you have? Please let me know ASAP.
> Kris - ??? raining in CA in Nov. !!!???!!!

Hi Kris,

Go to your local sporting goods store and buy a bottle of silicone tent
spray.....works like a champ, for a fraction of what scotchguard

tracy >>