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Truman Prevatt (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 16:27:00 -0500

>The best solution is a cordura blanket or a New Zealand blanket.
>Cordura has a waterproof coating and the cotton in the New Zealands
>swell to prevent soaking through. I have friends who have made gortex
>sheets for their horses, but most can't afford that (me included).
>If your horses aren't cold, they should be ok outside in the rain, esp.
>w/ a run in shed. If they're cold & wet, it's a bad combination. Get
>them under shelter if your <ENDURANCE> horse's banket is soaking

Sometimes at a ride you have no choice but they stand in the rain. There
are two things that you can use. A fleese blanket liner will keep them
warm although the blanket is soaked. You can also get nylon blankets with a
thin layer of Thinslate. This stuff also stays warm when wet so these
blankets can be used under a wet turn out. Gortex will also eventually
soak through if it is next to the skin.


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