Larry Suddjian (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 08:01:38 -0800

Attention followers of the "Save No Hands Bridge" Saga ~

Following is a letter we sent to the firm that just completed the winter
stabilization of the Mountain Quarries Railroad "No Hands" Bridge. We
will keep you posted as further developments.


November 26, 1997

Fred Aichele
Inshore Divers, Inc.
2102 Kelley Court
Pittsburg, CA 94565

Dear Fred:

On behalf of the Board of Governors of the Western States Trail
Foundation and for the thousands of persons from around the world, THANK
YOU and your staff for the work your firm did in providing structural
stabilization of the Mountain Quarries Railroad (No Hands) Bridge.

We understand that the temporary repairs for winter stabilization have
been completed and that you are meeting with the USBR on November 26 to
discuss the repair process and review the "as-built" conditions. The
running and equestrian community is awaiting word of when the Bridge
will be re-opened for travel during times that are not high water flow
or flooding.

The spirit of cooperation with the USBR and private sector during this
critical period is a true example of getting something completed for the
benefit of all interested parties. The next step will be the final
stabilization and repair during the Spring of 1998 and having a
celebration of the re-opening of "No Hands Bridge".

Thanks again for having Doug Ailes speak to our Board of Governors on
November 15.


Larry Suddjian, Vice President

cc: Steven Anderson, USBR (Fax: 989-7208)
Richard Robinson, Congressman Doolittle's Office (Fax: 786-6364)
Joe Kaplan (Fax: 415/588-1292)
Norm Klein (Fax: 638-0857)
Neil Moore (Fax: 677-6742)