Fibromyalgia pain and riding-any suggestions?

Ann Hatfield (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 21:10:05 -0800

I've had this damnable condition/disease /whatever for as long as the
medical world has recognized it and kept it bay by sheer willpower and
steady exercise but lately it has become worse. It contributes to overall
stiffness and tiredness in my riding a great deal. I can still remember
what it was like to ride pain-free years ago!

As many women ride and many, many women also battle this miserable thing
I've taken the liberty of bringing it up though it isn't of itself

If any of you have had any success in combating fibromyalgia please do let
me know. There's only so many painkillers one can take in a lifetime or,
particulary, on an individual ride. Darn good thing I haven't been