Re: CRI explanation ...comments

Kimberly Price (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 17:16:32 -0800

As always, Wendy, an excellent explanation of CRI and good examples.
I'm so glad you are becoming active on the list again. I consider
Wendy's good advise invaluable...when I first started out with Mystery
almost 3 years ago I took much of it to heart and it worked!

Now, I'm drawing from memory, which isn't too good these days, but in
the AERC issue which included the LD survey there was a questions
pertaining to if a pulse rate should be required at the end of the 1
hour hold. I think this subject could be revisited and if it isn't
required, then would be a good habit for all of us to get into....

BTW, I now have a new sportsaddle, new tolkat pad, new biothane halter
and reins (birthday and early xmas combined)...and it is pouring
outside! Oh wellllllll!

Happy Thanksgiving to are what you eat! <vbg>

Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab..."she said it, not me!")
Pt.Reyes, CA