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Pat Fredrickson (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 16:17:16 -0800


I not only use electrolytes for 25 mile rides, but also when doing
conditioning rides.

There is an electrolyte called electrolytegold that can be sprinkled over
the feed. It comes in a gold foil packet. My horses eat it readily. You
can order it from me at I'm not sure
who else carries it.

Pat Fredrickson Halters
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From: Lysane Cree <cree_l@LSA.Lan.McGill.CA>
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Date: Monday, November 24, 1997 12:45 PM
Subject: electrolytes

I have come across several articles about electrolytes and would like
to know what the opinion is on electrolytes for 25 mile distances. Is
it necessary to supply electrolytes on these rides? I have heard also
that the paste electrolytes (the ones that come in tubes like
dewormers) are not permitted at rides and that a rider can only use
the powder form that dissolves in water. Is this true for all rides
and if so, why?
Lysane and Buck