Latest Ride Results on the web

Michael K. Maul (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 10:49:58 -0600

The latest ride results are now available at

from the most recent Endurance news.

The AERC page now has links to the point standings, the ride results,
the endurance handbook, the AERC rules, and a nice explanation
of the background for each of the awards programs, and more.
Plus the latest info on the January Convention.

It is worth taking a look at the site even if you have visited
it before. A number of new links have been added.

If you see anything unusual in the ride results - please let Russ
Humphrey know at

Russ is doing the programming part of the ride results and it looks
very nice.

The site is nicely done by Stephs EnduranceNet.

As always - the info on that page and the associated links is not
the official information. The Endurance News is the only official

Comments on the page and information - suggestions should go to
MaryAnne at the AERC office reached from the e-mail address there.

Houston, TX