Fred W Patrick (fwpa@mail.net1.net)
Sun, 23 Nov 1997 11:24:36 -0600

This is for everyone in Texas and everyone else who wants to come to

Last Friday and Saturday there was a meeting at Texas A&M. The purpose
was to form an organization for furthering and opening new trails in

We had a wonderful turnout and a new organization was formed. We are
dedicated to getting more equestrian trails opened in Texas, improve
what we have and educate the public about horses. All of us who
participated in this are really excited. We had people from all over
the state.

Officers were elected, dues were settled on ($20 for a family
membership, $15 for individual per year). Temporary Directors were named
from each region represented.

The next meeting will be Jan. 17 at A & M. Everyone is invited.

This is our best shot at making Texas trails horse friendly. The Texas
Parks and Wildlife Dept. is interested in working with us and we are
going full steam ahead.

We are going to have a website. When that is up and running I will let
you know more. As you can tell I am pumped about this. It is long
overdue in this state. I hope we can make a difference!!!

Marylee Patrick ------>who is so thankful for a rainless Sunday!!