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Sun, 23 Nov 1997 08:53:49 -0500 (EST)

Oh, and the standard differential ratio is 3:55 but a 3:91 and 4:10 are
available. Which is the most likely to perform best? Is the 3:91 a good

Ed & Sawyer who have a hard time keeping up with 11yo daughter Ali and her
little Arab, Naztari Sarai
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Subj: Re: buying truck-advice
Date: 97-11-22 20:19:01 EST
From: Naztari
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I am currently considering a Dodge 3/4 and wasn't sure which way to go in
regards to power plant. I only intend to pull a 2 horse and maybe a light
camper top with it. Is the 360 gas adequate? Is the extra ~$4000 for the
diesel worth it? What about diesel maintenance vs gas? What about resale
value? I am in western NC and there are alot of ups & downs here but nothing
like the long uphill hauls out west.

Ed Roley