Moon blindness

Helen Mason (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 14:46:00 (EST)

I have a 12-year-old mare who was diagnosed with moon blindness last year.
This fall, she was examined by an opthamologist, who feels that the mare would
have a poor prognosis EXCEPT for the fact that I catch every episode so
quickly. Because of this, she has little eye damage, and only in the back of
the eye.

I am concerned about the number of inflammations this mare gets. The
opthamologist recommended putting her on full-time aspirin. My vet is
researching what I need to watch about doing this. Meanwhile, I am researching
alternatives. I have some questions.

1. I have thought of using NONI juice. Have any of you used NONI juice on your
mounts? This is a juice made from a Polynesian fruit that is supposed to have
curative powers. It needs to be fed to the horse when the horse's stomach is
empty. If you have used it, how much did you use and when did you feed it?

2. I am also researching Naspirin, which is a herbal form of aspirin. Have any
of you used that? What was your experience?

3. What other experience have you had with moon blindness?

My first priority is to maintain this horse's sight for as long as possible.
Then I'll worry about whether or not I can ever ride her in a competitive

Thank you for your assistance.

Helen Mason
Parry Sound, Ontario

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