Pulse Criteria

Terry Woolley Howe (cancer@inetworld.net)
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 08:44:54 -0800

Barbara Madill wrote:
> In the post from Dr. Sarah Ralson regarding the Mustang Memorial 50, we
> learned that the Pulse had been set 56 parameter.
> Why can't MOST rides (particularly flat ones) have lower pulse parameters?
> I'd be very interested in learning whether the other vet criteria "scores"
> would be higher if the pulse requirements were lower.

I do not like to see the pulse criteria that low. I know that at some
rides the criteria is set that low with the idea that it will slow down
the race. I think that frequently a low criteria has the opposite

I feel that some horses just naturally recover better than some, so that
a less conditioned horse may recover faster than a better conditioned
horse. So what I think often happens is that if the criteria is set
unusually low, and a competitive rider is detained at the vet check
waiting for his horse to come down those last few beats, he will push
his horse faster on the trail to make up for the lost time at the vet
check which puts added stress on his horse.

I prefer to have a pulse of 64, and if I feel that the ride needs to be
slowed down, I will put a vet check at five miles from the finish.

Terry Woolley Howe
San Diego