RE rule question

Rob & Kathy Dobrowsky (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 08:33:09 +0200

Hi there
Just my 2 c worth from South Africa,here we are not allowed to compete with
pregnant mares,also not allowed to compete with foals at foot,but this
varies from ride to ride.I competed with my endurance mare until she was 9
months pregnant,To be honest I did not even know she was pregnant,the vet
had euthelased
her in the beginning of the year.I of course just took it for granted that
this had worked.Her pulses were rather errantic,but she still went like a
dream.I finally foung out that she was pregnant wnhen we sent her up
country to do a 100Miler,a friend of ours was riding her.When he came back
and told me,that they did not finish,I was amazed,then asked why,he told me
they had ridden over 50 miles and her pulses were crazy,one of the vets
decided to preg test her,low and behold she was 9 months pregnant.I was
horrified at first then delighted at this unexpected surprise.The following
season I competed with her foal at foot,it was fun.had to milk poor Shanni
at watering points,I wont even mention some of the comments I got.She was
doing very well,then someone read the rules and I was told I cant compete
with a foal at foot.I promtly weaned the my next ride I was shocked
to see 3 mares with foals at foot competing,nobody gave them any hassles,so
I just kept my mouth shut as usual.I was livid though.So it varies from
ride to ride depends on the ride managers I guess,well this foal has
definately got its 1000 kilometre badge as well.
Then again rules are rules and I wont make this mistake again,someone
complained because they were jealous of my horses sucsess.(pregnat and with
a foal at foot ,she is a star!)

Kathy Dobrowsky
(Shanni who had a wonderfull foal,who will also do endurance like a dream
come true)