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Sheree D Nikstaitis (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 13:14:16 -0800

Hi all,
As the one who evidently restarted this topic :-) I am of the opinion
that if the mare is in fine health, and is properly conditioned, there is
no reason to not compete. Of course, proper vet care and advice is
essential - JUST AS IT IS WITH ANY COMPETITIVE HORSE. One must take into
consideration, however, the increased chance of the mare losing the foal,
or a complication occurring. However, with proper vet care this chance is
still very minimal.
My mare that I will begin conditioning this spring is currently 9 months
pregnant - and constantly wired. She was not on any conditioning program,
yet all spring and summer, while pregnant, we'd ride occasionally
throughout the week, but on weekends would be gone 10-12 hours during
which time we swam in the river, flew up and down mountains, trotted down
busy streets, and ran through tiny trails. We'd get home, me falling off
and barely able to walk - her ready to go back out and do it again. I
think if I actually had her on a conditioning program she'd be a superior
endurance mare. She is bred to Belesemo Reflkshn (see Belesemo Arabians
link on and the foal should have a number on its butt when
At any rate, that's my opinion....

"Put something exciting between your legs.........ride an Arabian ! "

On Thu, 20 Nov 1997 10:57:36 -0500 (EST) writes:
>How do you - and others on the list - feel about competing a mare in
>foal, of
>course providing the mare is physically fit enough to do so to begin
>with. We
>have always felt that, just as in humans, if the individual is
>accustomed to
>this level of workout, then there is no problem, up to a point (as is
>too cumbersome to do so!). Of course, a very fit mare having a
>gestation is a definite no. How many have actually competed on a mare
>either had been scanned in foal (and how far along) or had been bred
>prior to
>the ride. Just wondering..