Tank Heaters

Ruth Bourgeois (ruthb@tdsi.net)
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 13:13:37 -0600

I use a tank heater in the winter, the kind that is a circular rod that
sits on the bottom of the water tank. It keeps the water from freezing,
even in our coldest Iowa weather. Having water at a consistent temp that
is not freeeeezing cold (!) helps ensure that the horses always drink
adequate amounts.
One thing that I recommend to help conserve electricity costs is to
build a "box" around the water tank. I just make a simple frame, with
plyboard walls, and a cover that can be closed down over half of the
tank (leaving enough opening for the horses to get their head in and
drink comfortably). Then I line the inside of this box with insulation.
That helps a lot to keep water temp regular. It's a bit more trouble to
clean the tank (more cumberson to work with), but saves $10 or more per
month on the electric bill.
I also situate the water tank so it's halfway inside the horse's shed,
so had protection of one wall from the wind on half of it. I'd put the
whole thing in, but then the water hose wouldn't reach to fill it. I
keep my water hose in the basement and have to drag it out once a week
to fill the tank. So much fun to live in a climate like this in the