Re: gut sounds

Lysane Cree (cree_l@LSA.Lan.McGill.CA)
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 11:28:16 EST

After reading the post on gut sounds, could it be that I might be finding
some undigested oats in my horse's manure because the microflora in
his gut hasn't had the
chance to finish digesting his food completely/properly? Is this
something which just happens sometimes or is it a bad thing?
Niccolai e-mailed me suggesting that it may be just the husks of the oats that
are visible in the manure, since they are harder to digest, and not whole oats
--I hadn't thought of this, I will check out.
I feed, what we call here, local oats -which means they are a little
more dusty and are whole rather than crimped.
I remembered also that for a while, I am not sure the exact amount of
time, but maybe two weeks more or less, after I had my horse's teeth
floated, I did not see oats in his manure anymore...then I began seeing them
again. Any ideas? I am wondering about this because I would like to
know that what I am feeding him is actually nourishing him and not
just ending up as fertilizer for the pasture.
Lysane and Buck