Results of Mustang Memorial 50

Lyn Kamer (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 23:46:24 -0500

Hi all,

Finally got the results from the ride on Sunday put together. We had a
good turnout, although we lost the entire contingent from VT, including
our head vet Heather Hoynes, because of an early snowfall that dumped
13" of snow on them Thursday and Friday. We missed Steve Rojek,
Lucy and Kris Snook, John and Sue Greenall and Chris Paschke. Heather
was going to ride down with Steve, then when he decided it was too
hazardous to drive (I don't blame him) was going to drive down herself
but the headlights on her vehicle were not working so she had to give
up the idea of driving down herself. We did have 8 riders come down from
Maine, through a blizzard to ride. Sort of like the "Field of Dreams"
movie, if you have a ride, people will come. One intrepid group of 3
riders arrived at 6:30 am. Sat. morning after driving all night with 6"
of frozen snow/slush on the fenders of their trailer!

Ride day dawned clear and cold. 37 horses started, 31 finished. One
bit of excitement we could have done without was some trail marking
vandalism where ribbons on a crucial turn were taken down and a group of
riders wound up in someone's front yard. That someone took offense and
went out in the yard with a shotgun and fired a couple of rounds off
into the air. A few horses then did their own imitation of airs above
the ground! I thought things like that only happened in the backwoods
of KY! Scared one horse so badly it went into shock and was pulled at
the first stop because it was shivering and appeared lame. By the end
of the ride, after staying at camp, it was busy turning its owner/rider
into a maypole so it suffered no long term affects. We had 6 riders
missed a turn at the beginning of a loop and wound up doing loops 2 and
3 out of sequence. But, other than these problems which will be
addressed next year it went well. Our only real casualty was the rear
window on the Trail Master's Jeep. His whip antenna was bent back going
through some of the trails he was marking, hit the rear window, and in
the cold it shattered. This is the 2nd time that's happened to Jack's
Jeep so I have to figure out how to prevent that again if it is cold
next year. Anyhow, on to the results:

1st and BC: Valerie Kanavy and High Winds Jedi 4:26:32
2nd: Pam Weidel and Tee Whiz PW 4:26:33
3rd: Wendy Mattingly and Pieraz (Cash) 4:35:42
4th: Danielle Kanavy and T.K. Firengold 4:35:49
5th: Patti Pizzo and Savaq 4:35:52
6th: Pat Tancredi and Mystic Lyric 4:51:39
7th: Debby Deshon and Jahyr Jamlin 5:18:34
8th: Kathy Brunjes and Willow's Rahmaan 5:18:36
9th: Sue Corr and Narionn 5:18:37
10th: Sandy Terp and Sunhaven Baha 5:36:17
11th: Sue Ashenfelter and Isaac Newton 5:43:13
12th: Teri Walsh and Sakamor "Houdini" 5:43:16
13th: Bob Walsh and Curundu "Aries" 5:43:20
14th: Denise Shepherd and Tyf's April Mynte 5:46:18
15th: Kathryn Downs and Mazzie 5:49:15
16th: Mary Coleman and Zachary Paul 5:49:52
17th: Cindy Simcox and Heart of Fire 5:49:53
18th: Andrea Herr and Mustaphas Star 6:24:17
19th: Dave Derecola and Pharoh Binis 6:24:19
20th: Sandra Nicocaisen and Gazelle 6:25:52
21st: Robert Beck and Brick 6:26:01
22nd: Nancy Wombacher and Shadowland Firedance 6:26:05
23rd: Colleen Lynch and WC Charley's Angel 6:46:33
24th: Mary Murphy and Princess Layla 6:51:07
25th: Jane Graffam and Ellyngton 7:12:41
26th: Lisa Parshall and CRR Cinnamon Rose 7:13:09
27th: Cindy Young and Heirizon 7:13:26
28th: Johanna Blackmore and CM Stacato 7:19:08
29th: Judy VanMeter and Diamond Rifazar 7:19:08
30th: Barbara Blackmore and Flipper 7:19:08
31st: Jeanne DeVico 7:19:08

Only 1 horse was treated, the one that went into shock after having the
gun fired, 4 others were pulled because of lameness, and one was pulled
because it was simply fatigued. No major breakdowns, all these horses
will run again. All in all, a successful ride and the feedback I got
was very positive. So, we'll do it again next year and hopefully add a
2-day 100 mi. ride to it as well. Not bad as a first try at running a
ride for me and the first endurance put on by New Jersey Trail Ride
Assn. in 14 yrs!

Hope to see more of you there next year!
Lyn Kamer