Re: Beet pulp and sore sides

Susan Evans Garlinghouse (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 08:49:04 -0800

Kristen L Olko wrote:
> After "hearing" all the great stuff about beet pulp, I bought some today.
> I fed my mare a large handful in her grain. When I came back to clean
> up, I found it all gone - except the beet pulp pellets. Do some horses
> just
> not like the stuff? Will she grow to like the stuff? Would she like it
> better soaked?


Defiitely soak it. My guys don't like it dry either, but will gobble it
soaked. Also, horses are creatures of habit and might just take a time
or two to get used to something new. If you soak it and mix it in,
she'll probably eat it and get used to it and be fine with it.

Susan Garlinghouse