tank heaters/tank bubblers

SSY (polstar@hutchtel.net)
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 08:16:03 -0600

Hi Becky

Speaking of aquariums, Try putting an aquarium bubbler in your tank. If
you live in a mild winter area, this will keep the water moving and open.
The cost is minimal. The horses even like it.

Last year I tried the goldfish in the tanks. (to keep the bugs and junk
out) It worked for a while, until the gold fish thought horsey noses ment
feeding time.. (Yum yum these gold fish ordervs (sp) are great.)


The Space Cadet

> I am a BIG believer in tank heaters. Here in Colorado they are not
>> essential because it is not below freezing that often,
>Being concerned for the welfare of my beasts. last winter I splurged
>(against my husband's best wishes) and purchased a tank heater. It was a
>fancy one that turns itself on when the temp goes below 40degrees. We
>argued for so long that the first freeze came and went before it was ever
>installed. Just to prove my point, I dropped an aquarium thermometer in
>the water close to the bottom. Well, cold as guess what!?!
>The water never got cold enough to turn the thing on, even when it had
>several inches of ice on top.
>Becky H