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Here's my experience with full size Fords. With the 460 V8 gas engine, =
I got 5 to 8 mpg but made great time going over normal hills and passes. =
However, as load increased, speed decreased quickly.

With the new Power Stroke diesel (turbo Cummins), I'm getting 18 mpg in =
normal driving and 14-15 mpg hauling horses, and based on trips with =
friends with the Chevy turbo diesel, even hauling a steel 4 horse slant =
fully loaded the turbo diesels don't slow down much with load. We =
averaged 50 mph going from Western to Eastern Washington (over the =
Cascade Mountains, i.e., 200 miles in 4 hours, of which 40 miles is up =
and down).

Mike Sofen

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I have a towing question: I have a 3/4 ton surbuban with a 6.2 liter =
engine and I like it very much even though it is slow towing up the =
steep hills here in CA.

Currently I am towing a small 1,950 lb trailer with 1 horse. I am =
into buying a 3 horse slant 16 ft long - 2950 lbs unloaded. As the sub =
only able to achieve 30 mph by the top of really steep hills pulling the
small trailer what will happen if I try to tow the 3 horse trailer? Is =
safe? Is there anything that I can do, short of dropping a new engine =
that will increase my power? Should I even worry that I am going slow =
mph) at top of Pacheco Pass with the old small trailer?

The Sub is a 3 speed automatic, diesel. The sub is supposed to have a
10,000 towing max.

The proposed trailer is a 91 Trails West Santa Fe II, 3 horse slant.

Also does anyone use those antisway devices that attach from the trailer =
the tow vehicle?