Limited Distance Rider Survey

Michael K. Maul (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 14:12:14 -0600

For those that have not noticed - the last page in the Nov. Endurance
News has a survey for Limited Distance riders.

It says that the LD Committee is currently gathering info from LD
riders so that the program can expand and accomodate riders who are new
to the sport. The committee is an AERC committee.

The survey asks about expanded awards, rules uniform at rides,
national standard for finishing criteria, reasons for choosing
LD, plans if any to move to longer distances etc.

It also asks if you feel that LD riders are looked down on by
50 milers, ride vets, and/or ride managers - a topic that has been
discussed on ridecamp.

The survey invites non AERC members to participate. This may mean -
copy it and give it to your LD friends that are not going to see this
in EN.

It looks like a good attempt to get more recognition for the LD riders
and if you want that to happen - you should fill out the survey and
get your friends to do so too.

While I don't do LD - I feel strongly that there should be more
recognition of this group. In the central region where I ride -
this is the group that pays the bills for the rides. Without them -
we would not be able to afford the number of rides we have.

Houston, TX