hoof protection questions

Teresa Van Hove (vanhove@unavco.ucar.edu)
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 11:00:41 +0700

Hi all,

I have a bunch of questions,

1. I've been thinking of trying equithotics on my mare- can I get comments
on how they work in winter conditions. Is there less snowballing than
with an ordinary shoe? Are they too slick for the snow and muddy conditions
of winter? Are they hard for a farrir to work with?

2. After losing one easy boot and having to backtrack quite a bit to find
others, I have decided to make some keepers. I am leery of just buying
the regular ones - I have some thin neoprene scraps I want to use to
ensure I can get them off easily and they dont rub. But I don't know
how the easy boots attach to the keepers. Does the keeper go though the
cable or under the heel strap or ???.

3. My geldings feet are pretty tough - he really doesn't need a wide-web
shoe like an equithotic, plus he has one goofy shaped foot from a
coranary band injury. Can anyone comment on how much bending shoes
like mustads or the new enduro-tek shoes from Australia will take?
Like most of us, I want to do anything reasonable to help him stay
sound for several years so I've been thinking of trying these.

Thanks for any information,
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