Blankenship, Ann (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 21:13:00 -0800

I have a variety of comments tonight... I know you're all breathless
with anticipation!

First, I think Jane was sharing a meaningful moment in her life with us.
Trying to spread out her sadness over having to finally put this horse
down. Sometimes it helps to tell this stuff to your friends... so be
her friends and don't criticize. You can put your horse down however
you want to but you haven't walked in Jane's moccasins. I donated the
horse I loved best to the University of California at Davis equestrian
research center when she got navicular at age 6 (bummer and an Arab
too). I'm sure some people thought that was just TERRIBLE but I did
what I thought was best. I'm not sorry but I'm still heartbroken.

Second,have you tried rinsing your blankets and other wash that you want
really clean, with white vinegar? It takes the soap residue out, its
cheap, and has the added benefit of making your laundry smell like a
tossed salad.

Third, what is laundry cd??? Is this a product you buy and toss in the
washer, or a process or what?