Mouse Pad

Terry Woolley Howe (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 20:48:55 -0800

Sometime back someone asked about a horse theme mouse pad for their
computer. This evening I was at a color copy store and learned that
they make custom mouse pads. You can send them a photograph and they
will reduce it or enlarge it as necessary to get the correct size. The
cost is $10 for one, and $9 each for 2-10 quantity of the same picture.
The have cheaper rates for larger quantity orders. I talked to them
about doing some by mail and they said they would charge $3 for all
taxes, shipping and handling (for one, of course more for quantity
orders.) They said they would get it mailed out the same week that they
receive the order. These would probably make nice holiday gifts. Give
them a call, if you want more information.

The company is Color World, 8122 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA. 92126.
Their telephone number is (619) 566-4700, FAX 566-4744, email: I don't have an interest in this company, but just
wanted to pass this along in case someone wanted to get a mouse pad with
their horse on it.

Terry Woolley Howe
San Diego

P.S. You actually could have one made of yourself to give to your
spouse to take to the office to remind him of you during the day. Of
course, occasionally the urge to use your likeness as a dart board or
toilet paper may be too great a temptation to resist.