Beet pulp and sore sides

Kristen L Olko (
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 19:26:35 -0800

After "hearing" all the great stuff about beet pulp, I bought some today.
I fed my mare a large handful in her grain. When I came back to clean
up, I found it all gone - except the beet pulp pellets. Do some horses
not like the stuff? Will she grow to like the stuff? Would she like it
better soaked?
I'm going to try that tomorrow. I have/had high hopes for this stuff. It
was to
be our VC food. She turns her nose up at grain, bran and sweet feed at
the checks.
She'll go for hay, but I want to get some calories in her as well.

As for our sore sides saga, I rinsed the pad super well w/o any soap.
Yes, there
was residue. I had made some leather covers, so that I could ride w/o 1/2
I covered those with duct tape to make them more smooth. After the
ride this weekend, there was a vast improvement. Lots of "big movement"
less soreness, so I'm supposing that that had not been a major
contributer in
the problem. I think that I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get a
saddle cover
with long sides if I want to ride w/o chaps. Anyone ride with a Jan's
cover? Anyone
use a red one? What's the concensus on a darker color (red) for a cover?

Thanks for any help,