Lysane Cree (cree_l@LSA.Lan.McGill.CA)
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 13:15:52 EST

My horse is a pretty big slob when eating his food -he likes to take
his time and takes a big mouthful of grain and then proceeds to look
around and daydream, letting some of the food fall out as he chews. He
used to take a mouthful and dip his full mouth into his water bucket while he
ate, whether it was hay or grain (It was always quite the challenge
scraping frozen oat/hay gunk off of the bottom of the bucket before
refilling the bucket). I also noticed that there was bits of oats in
his manure.
I have since had his teeth floated, have moved his bucket of water to the other
side of the stall (he still insists on dipping his hay once in
awhile, no matter what
I do) and I added some water to his grain/supplement mixture so that he
doesn't dip his nose into the water bucket anymore, but he still
drops some food while he eats and I can see some whole grains of oats
in his manure. Should I be concerned about this and can I do anything
about it? Oh, and he is on a regular worming schedule, the last time
he was wormed was in October and he is due for another one this
upcoming weekend.
Lysane and Buck