Re: Equi-Jewel
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 19:13:27 -0500 (EST)

here are a few more phone numbers for equi jewel rice bran.. we are =
using it
.. with peace on mind of the Ca/P balanace we get it for $26 a bag i
anyway its in my feed store.. because i called the company and put =
on the feed store to carry this rice brans.. so far 3 other riders are
getting from the store..=20

it beats getting other stuff.. like pure gamma oryzanol.. and feeding =
that goes bad in the summer.. may cost more but it works..
over the winter i feed oil in addition to the rice bran.. i feed about =
1 cup
per day all of them.. the workers get about 2 cups.. plus 2 cups of =

in the summer i have fed 3 cups rice bran for my hard keeper.. no =

producers rice mil in ga 870 673 4444
ker 606 873 1988 ky
amer feed and farm dist novella copedee 800 251 1708

you may have to work on your feed store to carry this.. but get a group =
riders to agree to buy it.. and they may stock it..

roger r