Sunland Ride

Jim Mitchell (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 16:08:50 -0800

Back from the Sunland ride yesterday, 36 started the 50 and about 28 or 29 finished.
Thirty three started the 25 and 31 finished (I think).
I had not attended this ride before because of the stories of the rocks and hard roads
but I want to say that yesterday it was one of the best trails, footing etc rides you
could attend. The weather was perfect, cool and partly cloudy with a few sprinkles in
the afternoon but not even 05/100 of an inch I would say.
The meal was wonderful, the trail well marked, food at the away vet check. The drag
rider came in at 5pm, 1 hour before cut off, probably a first for that ride from what I
Anyway those who didn't come this year missed a great ride.
Suzy Kelley was first, Renee Bowers second and Marcia Harmon third and BC on Fire Mtn

Jim Mitchell