rice bran

Sat, 15 Nov 1997 13:52:04 -0500 (EST)

Hi Susan,

Gotta say, I love reading your posts. You are so funny! And willing to share
your knowledge which I really appreciate. So, I have a question. From one of
your recent posts, I gather you don't think much of feeding rice bran. Is
this because of the phosphorous/ calcium imbalance? If so, what do you think
of this new kind (new to me) brand called "Equi Jewel" ? or something. It is
suppossed to have balanced the ratio and advertises itself as being Kenucky
Equine Research approved.
Also (really I have two questions), I once thought I caused my mare to colic
by over-soaking beet pulp..I live in Fl...when now I think I may have
under-soaked it. I am afraid of spoilage so I only soaked for one hour. I
would like to feed it for all the reasons stated on ridecamp...water,steady
carbo source, weight maintenance minus the rocket fuel, ect.
Donna in Altoona

"...........and/or you're just doing it because I
spend so much time on the list jumping up and down and yammering about
it, thereby hounding you into wondering if Old Pardner will drop dead if
you don't feed biotin, do feed rice bran and/or southwest-grown