Horses of Sale

Jackie Bumgardner (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 19:05:06 -0800

We still have two ready to go horses for sale:
Serya Robask-12 yr. 15'3,bay Arab gelding with about 800 miles. He did both
the Tevis and Virginia City 100 in 1997 as well as a 5 day ride, a 75 miler
and severl 50's. He could carry a HWT, has a great walk, eats, drinks and
recovers well. ($3500)

Mr. Maajistic-5 yr old (coming 6),14'3, dark grey, Egyptian bred Arab gelding.
He has done two 50's easily. Does everything right. Great feet and wonderful
disposition. ($3,000)

Both of these horses will hopefully be at the Silver State Point to Point.

Jim and Jackie Bumgardner
Fire Mountain Arabians -Home of Sierra Fadwah+/(Fadjur + Judhi)
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