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MaryAnne Bobrow (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 16:05:39 -0800

Hi, all.

No great airline deals but United and Delta both have reasonable rates and
fly into Lexington (Blue Grass Field). I just got back using United
through Chicago and although the flights are fewer than I'd like, they are
definitely do-able.

For those who want to grab Southwest's "hot" deals which expire today
(somebody said they were getting a flight for $160) you can fly to
Louisville and either drive or get a shuttle from Louisville to Lexington.
Louisville is about 70 minutes from Lexington and probably has a better
selection of air carriers.

AERC does have a discount program with Avis Rent-a-Car; our host hotel is
the Hyatt Regency (606) 253-1234 and has rates of $87 for a single or
double; $97 for a triple or quad. Book early because our room block is

More info later; brochures are in the works and . . . we have so many
conference speakers now (including most if not all from the cancelled "pre
conference seminar" that we're beginning AERC's program on Thursday night.
Still working out some details with Kentucky Equine Research, so that's
what's holding up the registration brochure. Once that's finalized, I'll
also be posting highlights from the brochure to aerc's website for folks to
look at. Lots of info coming your way.

Gotta run, now but feel free to e-mail, fax or call; there's lots we can
tell you!


At 06:05 PM 11/14/97 -0500, Lynn Golemon wrote:
>I believe MaryAnne, AERC executive director is trying to put some packages
together. I'll send her this e-mail and suggest she might want to let
ridecamp know the scoop. Hope to see everyone there!
> Lynn Golemon
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>Subject: AERC Convention
>Does anybody know which airlines might have the best rates for flying to
>the AERC convention (from the West...Reno, San Fran)?
>Also, which airport is the best one to fly into (in Kentucky)?
>in Gardnerville
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