type of ride?

Wendy Milner (wendy@wendy.cnd.hp.com)
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 14:16:10 MST

Kelly writes:
>Hi I have subscribed to ridecamp for a few months now. Mostly reading and learn
>g. I am very new to the competitive trail riding and endurance riding. I have
>t done my first ride yet, but I think I am going to work one next month. I boug
>a new horse that has done 2 100. So my horse knows a who lot more than me. Fi
>t question. Does anyone know if there is a 25 coming up in Florida. Next ques
>n, I thought I had seen an article about a combination ride. where there is a
>nner on foot and a person riding a horse. I would like more info on this if an
>e can help me. Does this really exist, and if so please give me as much info a
>s y
>ou can, this looked real interesting to me since I have a friend who runs marat
>s for a hobby. Thank you very much.

First off - please include [carriage return] in your posts. As is, they
are nearly impossible to read. [Enter] or [Return] puts the carriage
return in for you. Even if you have an editor that looks to you as if
the lines are formatted correctly, if the cr is not there, or the lines
are longer than 65 characters, what you get in the output is very hard
to read.

To find out about rides in your area, check out the endurance web page,
follow the links to the various organizations. You'll find the rides
listed there, along with whom to contact for more information.

The combination rides you hear folks talking about are "Ride and Ties".
Two humans, one horse teams. Yes they exists. Those folks that do them,
love them.

Again, look to the endurance web page and check out the archives and
the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for what these rides are
and where to find more information.


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