Photos and quotes needed for 1998 Ride and Conditioning Diary

Steph Teeter (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 10:25:08 -0800

Hi group,

I'm putting together a pocket Endurance Ride and Conditioning Diary for 1998.
It will be 5" x 7" and will have:

1998 Calendar - entire year at a glance
1998 Ride schedule and notes page
Monthly Calendar - a page for each month, with space for notes and ride dates
Weekly conditioning diary - a page for each week, with space for notes on horse, distance, time, terrain, etc.
Veterinary and Farrier records page
Endurance ride checklist page

And I need photos and quotes to spice it up. If you have photos you'd like
for me to consider, please let me know - and then mail them to me (with a
stamped return envelope if you want them back). I'll need a caption for the
photo too. If the photo was take by a professional photographer, I'll have to
have their name to give them credit.
Mail to : Steph Teeter , Endurance Net/First Step Research, 405 S. Main, Moscow, ID 83843

And quotes - if you have any good quotes, please send them - the 'You know
you're an endurance ride when ...' would be great. If you want to remain
anonymous let me know :)

The first few years that I did endurance I used a diary like this - recorded each
conditioning ride (how long, terrain, comments, etc), which rides I did, how they
went. It was very useful at the time, and now they're good fun to look back on
to see what I did - what went good, what went wrong. Brings back lots of
memories. Karen Vining used to publish a diary like this, but stopped doing it
a few years ago - I miss having one, and think there are lots of folks that would
use one too, so my friend Carol and I decided to give it a go.

We're probably going to sell these for about $12.00 - will know for sure once I
figure out what the printing costs will be.

They should be ready in time for Christmas, and I should have a big batch
to sell at convention. I'm thinking they'll make great ride awards too.

If any of you are interested in buying some for Christmas presents, let me
know and I'll make sure I get them done in time.


Steph Teeter