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Would the longer bars be good for a horse with such a short back?? That's
where I get into trouble with western style saddles. Although I like the
idea of the way Aussie saddles keep you in. I have a propensity to come
flying off Star. He stops VERY QUICKLY or sidesteps quickly.
The Aussie saddle fits short-backed horses. I have one. The bars are just a
little longer than a Stubben Wotan. The horse that is swayed could use a
little customizing in the saddle, to arch the saddle to its conformation.
The bars aren't so long that this cannot be accomplished. I've sent for the
booklet Laney has, because I want to learn more, and add to what I know so I
can answer more questions and be of more use to troubleshoot interesting
problems. . It seems between all of our collective heads
we should get some good answers for you. Judy