Questions: Sport Tack reins, vosals, conditioning

Cheryl Newbanks (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 09:33:45 -0700 (MST)

Hi Group!

Do any of you use the super soft reins Sport Tack has in their catalog for
$24.95? I was thinking on buying some and was wondering if they are as soft
as the Parelli reins that I don't want to pay my life savings for:}!?

Also I am switching Blue to a vosal. I rode his first race in his sidepull
and would of liked more control in regards to rating his speed and keeping
him there! Otherwise I had steering control. I tried bits with him and
even with a figure eight as tight as I can get it he is still worrying the
bit. He's been ridden bitless his whole life, he is 10, and he does really
well in it and I would like to keep him like that. So those of you who use
a vosal tell me how you like it, did it give you a little more control and
can I still direct rein in it? Also will the vosal fit ok on my headstall
with cheek pieces on both sides? I was thinking I will probably have to
shorten the cheek pieces up some for the vosal.

Those of you who started in 25's and then moved to 50's tell me how you did
it? I was thinking on keeping Blue in 25's until he bc's a few times and I
finish with tons of horse left. His first race he top 10'd and was a little
tired. So I increased his training mileage from 6 mile loops over 3
mountains 4 x's a week to 10 mile loops 4 x's a week. This week I added
speed by decreasing two of his 10 mile days to 6's and added more galloping.
When I first started with him whenever I added speed he would stock up, but
not anymore so I must be doing something right.

Well gotta go. Thanks!

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