RE:saddle pads: syn-felt; Marciante

Barbara Madill (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 09:10:37 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997 09:34:18 -0800 you wrote:

>Lynn - I second your praise of Marciante's pads. I bought one to use with
my Marciante >saddle. I now use a DeSoto saddle but I still use my
wonderful Marciante pad. He >advertises in just about every horse magazine.

I know when we get forwarding and replying to messages that the
origin gets lost, but I was the one who recommended the Syn-Felt and
Marciante. Mr. Marciante also makes a very nice custom saddle in a
reasonable price range.

Even though I was moderately happy with "my" copy, I ended up
getting a second "original" pad from Mr. Marciante!

Barbara Madill