update on Sareei's epm

L Eisele (nevadaghostridr@webtv.net)
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 17:04:04 -0800

In 2 days Sareei will have finished 3 1/2 mos. on traditional
treatment and also will continue with homeopathic supplements.
He passed. with flying colors, a neurological exam at the vets
yesterday with alittle weakness detected in his rear. There was a
definite improvement over the neuro exam done when he was first
diagnosed. The vet talked me out of doing a repeat spinal tap for epm
as she said antibodies can stay in the spinal fluid after the parasite
is eradicated for 6 mos. to a year later, so is not realiable. There
are a few vets that are not aware of that and do spinals right after
treatment which is usually +.
Sareei is not to have any vaccines other than tetnas or rabies and
now we wait and see if being off the medication will cause a relapse. I
have to avoid any stress over the next year and may try only slow 25's
during that time.
Next I will get shoes back on him and gradually take him over uneven
ground and see how he does. Dressage lessons are a must to strengthen
the rear and he had a chiro adjustment to start things off right.
So we may see you guys out there on the limited distance rides this
summer if all goes well. I'm hoping. Mom needs to get back into riding
shape herself. Didn't realize how weak ones legs can get when you stop
riding for 3 mos.
Want to thank everyone for all the kind thoughts over the last 4
mos. Linda

Linda Eisele & Sareei and
hubby, Allen & the Iceman
& the young Lakota