DOT reflective tape

Nancy Mitts (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 14:37:18 -0600

Ridecamp: Several people requested more info on the reflective tape. We
sell the 3-M brand. It is 2 inches wide & is Red/ White. The red sections
are 12" and I think the white is 6 of 8. We also have 12" strips of white
for the corners. It sells for $1./ft, however much some one needs. We
haven't had to ship any yet, we'd figure that when you place an order. It
is applied across the rear of the trailer 15"-60" off the ground. It is
applied on the sides, usually just above the running boards, skipping where
the wheel wells are. The rear of the trailer should have "corners" made
from 12" strips of the white, as close to the upper corners of the trailer
as possible.
Hope that gets everybody's questions! Nancy Mitts.