Glenda and Lakota WIN

Wendy Milner (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 9:22:06 MST

Glenda writes:
>Hey, "To Finish is to Win" -- so Lakota and I won!

You sure did. And you feel good about it, and Lakota looks good,
and you want to do it again. You're hooked.

>I was glad I went to bed early, in spite of the midnight cooler-raid,
>because these endurance people get up EARLY!! Since the 100 started at 5
>am, there were 100-mile riders warming their horses up shortly after 4 am
>... by walking & trotting the road around the campground, only 4 feet
>from my tired, cold head ... <g> Naturally Lakota wanted to go ride with
>these horses, so he called to them, as did all the other horses in the
>ridecamp ... I'm just curious, do endurance people sleep at all? <VBG>

No endurance people don't sleep. We go to bed early, and then listen
to all the noises, wake up with every movement of any horse, and
then worry that we aren't sleeping.

If you get a good insulated pad to sleep on, you will be a lot warmer
and might actually get a few minutes of sleep.

>I was shocked, however, to see my laid-back, laconic, lackadaisical,
>lolly-gaggin' Lakota take off running after those other horses! I
>couldn't believe it!

Ah yes, the endurance horse syndrome. They are sneaky little guys.
They pretend to be lazy, out of condition, slow horses. But once they
see others horses out there, attitude changes, and they are fast,
fit and ready to go.

>Lakota did absolutely fantastic; I was so pleased and proud! He ate and
>drank at nearly every opportunity, listened to me, even when other horses
>ran past us he didn't try to run away, didn't toss his head or anything
>like that. We got all A's but one (a B on mucous membranes at the final
>vet-out), and he was just as perky at the end of the ride as he was before
>it began.

Glad to hear that Lakota did so well. Make sure that Lakota has a nice
sloppy drink of water just before you get to the vet. Or squirt water
in him mouth. That will help with the MM.

Congratulations on your first of many wins.


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