RE Grasslands Benefit Ride

Rob & Kathy Dobrowsky (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 12:04:17 +0200

Hi there,
Just a short note to say that I am delighted to hear about "Tejanos
Warrior",dont hear about the Appaloosas that often,this was great news a
made my day complete! I breed Appaloosas here in South Africa and do
competitive endurance on my wonderfull Appaloosas "Shanni" who is now 15
years old and still going strong,won numerous rides and a couple of BCs,
Arikaras Lightfoot who is going to be 8 at the end of the year,a gelding
who moves like a dream come true,we lope along ,at a hell of a pace,he is
gutsy and brave and will go far,our last 50Miler he clocked 32 kilometres
an hour,that was low flying,definatalyt the fastest I have ever been on a
horse ,his pulses were brilliant finished with a pulse of 32.
Does anyone know how I can contact Erma Cook?
Have also started cross breeding Arab /Appaloosa with great succsess.Shanni
has done over 2000miles in her carreer so far,and is sound,tedons are
wonderfull,legs are great.We take four years to prepar a horse to be or
even attempt competitive endurance,this definately works for us.Arikara
Lightfoot is ready now to do a 100 Miler next year and to do our
Nationals,unfortunately he does not like to be behind any other horses ,so
we will hopefully be flying all over the place,With "Shanni" we took a
average horse and made her great,through hard work and loads of training
she is rated in the top 30% in this country.It took us three years to get
her there,thanks to my husband who is a wonderfull second and for his
support,we got there!He trains me and tells me what to do,cant wait to do
the same to him next year when he starts doing endurance on our 5 year old
tri coloured leopard stallion,will get some revenge for all the running he
made me do *grin*

Why dont you guys come and ride here?Get a team together,can supply horses
about 6 Arabs and Appaloosas,come and show us how its done *grin* something
to think about!
Anyone competing on Appaloosas please contact me and tell me about your
horses ,breeding excetra,am wanting to import a young Appaloosa colt!
"Shanni"yawn its getting boring
"LIghtfoot" raring to go again!