Re: Remember me????
Sat, 8 Nov 1997 12:35:54 -0500 (EST)

Chris, I looked up your file, wither template and photo. Your horse needs a
wide tree. The Australianwide tree is actually a semi-QH tree, narrower on
the front than a full QH bars.
My supply of used saddles is down, and I presently have no wide used
saddles, except a cheap India saddle @ $250. good & secure for a kid or a
guest. All the rest are std. trees, including Syd Hills.
Your horse is getting pinched because your saddles have been too narrow or
too wide a saddle has fallen into the front. The best I can do is recomend a
new Jinda @ $560., Kimberly @ 580. or an Australian-made saddle for over
$1000., starting at $1340. for the Syd Hill Outback Drafter stock seat 20 lb.
or Boree endurance saddle @1365. 14# Keep an eye on our Consignments on
our webpage Check out for
complete inventory and photos. Thanks for asking me. Your questions and
problems are welcome. Judy
Both have my $85. mohair girth on them. If I can be of help,please let me