worms/visual confirmation?

SSY (polstar@hutchtel.net)
Sat, 8 Nov 1997 09:04:41 -0600

Hi Kat

Every once in a while will I use strongid just to see if the worms come
out. When I do a fecal and it comes out neg. and I really suspect worms.
My experience with many types of animals is. When given strongid, dose +,
the worms are expelled, usually not digested. You will see the worms in
the poop (can't spell feec).

I believe and is my experience (but may not be the facts) Ivermectin
usually allows the parasites to break down and be digested after death, so
you do not always see them as a worm. This year I personally bought a
batch of ivermectin that did not work........ That is why I worm every 6
weeks, When horses are not in the big field.......................... It
was the first time I have ever seen worms from giving ivermectin. I did
give a double dose to a minni. so I contribute sudden death in the worm
population that caused this. If I can afford 2x it is the way to go. When
the yearlings are on this. Boy, there is such a diff....

My disclamer is: This information is based on experiance, not the facts.....

P.S. Ivermactin also gets ride of those crawly things on your horse if it
is blood sucking....(I like this)

The Space Cadet


>>For all the wormer questions going on: Ivermectin does not cause any
>>resistance problems.
>There is no documented resistance to Ivermectin. However, my vet said
>that he saw foals who were wormed from birth with Ivermectin expel large
>numbers of some visable worms when wormed with something else... like
>strongid paste I believe. Ever since then he has recommended rotating
>in Strongid 2x per year... once double and once single tube.
>This is an anectdote only and not a researched occurance.
>:) - kat myers
>in San Mateo (No.) Ca. with Magnum the TB ex-racer