Let me know

SSY (polstar@hutchtel.net)
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 08:32:12 -0800 (PST)


This is kind of a test to see if my e-mail is working again with the list.

I lost the address of the person who was joking about her mysterious e-mail
problems..Yup.. there is a cold (won't say virus because it is short lived
and all it does is change and mix up addresses and a few other annoying
things, if you catch them......... So far, the virus check has not picked
it up. Both my cousin in Canada and my self have had this problem. For
about a week......

I am using udora and have folders in my address book. What this little
virus did was change all my e-mail address to my cousins address and nun of
my family were getting their mail from me. and a few other silly things.
My cousin cant initiate cc and a few other things , she can fix it
manually. It doesn't reprogram any thing or reck the main program, it just
changes (Set up stuff and pref.).

Now don't go mailing all over the country there is a virus out there,
because most people will delete any thing with the words v alert. Thought
it was worth mentioning if you are having problems with people getting the
e-mail you are sending them. You might want to check if your address book
has been changed in any way.. Just change it back....and all is well.......

Hope this helps eliminate those mysterious e-mail eaters...... The other
odd thing is, it's not particular whether you are running a Mac or PC which
I find out of the ordinary....... And please note: reading this will not
infect your computer.. I am NOT a computer whiz. If you are running udora
PC or MAC and are still having missing e-mail, Let me know, I'll tell you
How I fixed it... May be it will help?