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Ted and Linda (
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 20:29:52 -0800

We have been getting E-mails addressed to RideCamp,is there a
problem?We've been deleting them,I don't think the people realize that
their E-mails are coming to the wrong address.Just wondering what's
going on.

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I am forwarding this because Carol is a Subscriber These are her problems....
Why would she be getting mail from non subscribers?

At this point I need the Address of the the list keeper. I am really
embarrassed I cant remember which address you are Need to forward mail
of non subscribers. Privately, to keep them out of the ride camp list all
together. etc...... The people have been really nice who have taken the
time to respond, in hopes this can be corrected or at least an explanation
can be figured out soon.
Send Privately so you don't get junk mail back.
I will forward with an Old back up computer If I need to..... But it will
take a couple of days that way....


I took out Carols address. If you need it I will send it privately.

>Date: 06 Nov 97 09:26:08 EST
>From (Carol Boardman)
>Subject: Re: There IS a BIG problem with the ride camp list.
>--- You wrote:
>P.S It may be as simple as a cookie attack..........
>--- end of quote ---
>Or gremlins. :)
>I'm a Ridecamp subscriber. I haven't gotten any Ridecamp messages but am
>getting messages from the poor folks out there that aren't subscribers and are
>getting the messages.

>I usually don't post to the list but if I respond to someone I do it
>Does this help out any? I'm totally lost when it gets to the technological
>side of these things.
>Carol in Vermont (but working in New Hampshire)
>PS: Guess this isn't regional, huh? :)

The Space Cadet

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