A Friendly Notice

Tue, 4 Nov 1997 14:14:03 -0400

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are sorry to bother you, but under these circumstances, we feel it very
necessary because of the importance of timing. You are not part of any
EMAIL LIST, nor will you receive further emails from us (unless you request

We are two fortunate people who were introduced to a TRULY ethical and
honest business just recently, a business for anyone who is tired of their
"going no where, dead end jobs." Jobs that require long hours and little
pay. Jobs that prevent you from being who you really want to be. And
lastly, Jobs that don't give you the flexibility or freedom to make your
own decisions (don't stop reading!). I will say this, this opportunity is
easier than any job you could EVER have, and that's the TRUTH! Most people
think that all MLM company's require "VERY HARD WORK," "SELLING PRODUCTS,"

Longevity Network Ltd. is a "QUALITY" company who believes in taking care
of their people. A company with the most FAIREST, ETHICAL and EQUITABLE
PAY PLAN to date. A company who will revolutionize Multi-Level-Marketing
with it's "Multi-Match Pay Plan," Revolutionary Products, and Worldwide TV
Advertising. A company who wants all their distributors to succeed, and is
willing to help them in doing so (don't stop reading!)! This company is
not like any other Network Marketing Opportunity, it is light years ahead
if it's competitors. There are no requirements but to just purchase the
products (within anyone's budget). No requirements as to how many people
you have to bring into the business. No requirements to sell any products.
No requirements to achieve any specific levels. NO REQUIREMENTS PERIOD!
NO B.S.! This business is based on "TRANSFER BUYING" (purchasing items
that you would normally purchase at the grocery or health store) "STATE OF
THE ART," ALL NATURAL Health, Personal Care, Nutritional and Dietary

You can write this opportunity off as just another one of those online
marketing schemes, spams or junk mail, but I PROMISE you this, this email
will not be the last time you hear about the Longevity Network Ltd.
opportunity. I am presenting you with an opportunity to make a change in
your life. It's time for a paradigm shift. To bring the money back to all
the people who are just getting by from paycheck to paycheck, or to all
those who are one paycheck away from bankruptcy (don't stop reading!).
Look, don't just sit there shaking your head in disbelief, or saying, "yeah
right, I've heard it all before!" Well guess what, NO YOU HAVEN'T! Until
now, you have only heard the SECOND BEST! I am telling you the HONEST
TRUTH! With this opportunity, you can finally make all the residual income
you want to for the rest of your life, with very little effort! NO B.S.!

Why would I be wasting my time telling you about this opportunity, well
remember I said earlier about 'the importance of timing?' If you could
turn back the hands of time to the late 50's, and would have joined the
Amway opportunity, you would have been a millionaire today. It is
estimated that the top 20% of all the major Network Marketing businesses
are millionaires. Longevity is approximately 3% populated to this day.

"If you join, they will come." How will they come you ask? Tony Little,
known as "The Worldwide Media Superstar," "America's Personal Trainer,"
"Television's Undisputed #1 Salesman and Visionary, (the one who has sold
over $250 million last year alone and the one who has a database of about
19 million buyers of the products he sells)" will be promoting the
"Products" and "Network Marketing Opportunity" Worldwide shortly. What
does this mean for you and me? It means that all the people that he brings
into the business will occupy our downlines creating the sales volume that
none of us "NON-SALES PEOPLE" could ever hope to achieve. This is how you
can make money with not having to sell anything because Tony Little will,
and you won't have to. NO B.S.!

It is hard to convey to you that THIS IS A LEGITIMATE AND HONEST
OPPORTUNITY when you don't know me from Adam, and with all the scams and
fraud going around today, it's hard to trust anyone. But you don't have to
trust me until I have EARNED your TRUST. All that I ask is that you give
Longevity/Me a chance to prove your skepticism wrong! It's a win-win
situation, you don't join until your 100% satisfied with the opportunity,
products, and pay plan. No one is ever going to pressure you because
that's not what this business is about. It's about Faith, Trust, and
Integrity. NO B.S.

If you want to learn more about this business opportunity, just reply back
and we will send you the FACTS. If you don't care to make more money than
what your making at your "other" job, then trash this message and you will
never hear from us again (though, I would like to ask that you keep an eye
on TV, and you will eventually see Tony Little doing exactly what I said he
was going to do). It's that simple. Thank you for your time.

D & M Cavanaugh

D & M Cavanaugh
Independent Distributor's
Longevity Network Ltd.

"The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we stand,
but in which direction we are going"