hard to fit

Blankenship, Ann (ABlankenship@commerce.ca.gov)
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 10:10:00 -0800

Chris, I'm wondering if your horse is really that hard to fit or if he
has some old damaged tissue behind the withers that has not healed and
does not sweat. I had a mare who had been ridden for so long in an
ill-fitting saddle that she had like these huge callouses on each side
of her withers and it took some time before the patches returned to
anything like normal. You couldn't see these patches, but you could
feel them. The hair was different and the skin felt thickened and they
didn't sweat the same as the rest of her back. Eventually, with a
better fitting saddle, they returned to normal.

If you try the baby powder thing and it looks like a saddle fits right,
maybe you should ride in it for a while to see if the back will return
to normal. Just a thought.....