The Horse Interactive

Kelly Lynne Nolan (
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 09:32:49 -0500 (EST)

I have been reading this list for several months now, and am surprised no one
has talked about The Horse Interactive, and online magazine on horse care.
This is an incredible web site--The articles are very indepth and usually
written/referenced by top DVM's. I print out all the articles (which are usually
10-13 pages long and keep them as reference. Some of the topics have included
COPD, Bone cysts, an incredible 3 part article on Tendon injuries (a total of
30 pages,by the way) exertional rhabdomyolysis, new Dewormers (it talked about
Quest), Lyme disease, electrolytes, grain, exercise Induced-hemorrhage,
protein, hoof care, shoeing techniques, and even an article, way back, on
endurance riding, etc...

The URL is . Unfortunately, they do not keep past
articles as archives, so you have to print each edition out every month if you
want them as reference.

When you get to the home page, click on the pichure of what looks like a cover
of the magazine "The Horse". This will bring up links to all the articles.
This is by far, the best magazine on horse care I've read--what's even better,
it's free!

Some of you probably have seen it before, I just thought I would share for
those who haven't.