Re: Protein and assorted questions

Mike Sofen (
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 05:33:22 -0800

Believe it or not, on the tube last night, during a break in this
Quarterhorse racing Challenge show, a top equine vet said that any crude
protein levels over 10% were wasted (or worse) for mature horses, and for
growing horses, 11-12% were max. And he appeared to be talking about all
(both racing and regular) horses. Comments from our nutrional whiz kids?

Mike Sofen

> From: Carol Harrison <>
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> Subject: Protein and assorted questions
> Date: Sunday, November 02, 1997 9:06 PM
> I searched the archives but really didn't find anything that directly
> answer my question, so I'll pose it to the group.
> Exactly what level of protein should an endurance horse be receiving? If
> I'm feeding a 14% crude protein pellet, what is the digestible protein?
> Does an endurance horse running for top 10 need a different level than a
> horse in turtle position?
> While I am in an inquisitive mood here are a couple of other questions
> a newbie, can't you tell). What is the best care for the leather on my
> sportsaddle? Is the waterproofing mink oil ok? Can anyone tell me more
> about sponsorships? Are they only for those going for top ten or can a
> fast turtle on a multiday ride get them?
> OK, I'll stop for now so my inquisitive mind doesn't explode when I get
> answers.
> Happy Trails,
> Carol and Electric Shack (aka Dakota--who'd rather remain a pasture
> potatoe)