RE: issue #710
Sun, 2 Nov 1997 23:22:24 -0500 (EST)

Well, now that those of you who felt the need to flame me have all seemingly
run out of molotovs, I'd like to ask a few questions..

Why is it that my protesting the porno ad in issue #710 seemed to incense you
so mightily that you felt the need to hammer me (most of them privately, at
I was offended by something that, hopefully, none of you put on the ridecamp
digest..and when I squeaked about it, YOU were all so offended by ME that you
felt the need to flame me. What you are saying is that I have no right to
protest what I felt was pornographic, but you all had the right to be
offended by my protest? It don't work like that, folks.

Second, to the person who told me to just delete it, computer is a
dinosaur. It doesn't know how to line item delete. Delete is all or nothing
to mine. And I have no children...I was worried about YOURS, thank you very

To the gentleman..and I use the term gingerly, who nuked me about his First
Amendment rights and my having no right to infringe them...look, buddy...I
spent 20 years in the Army defending your right to enjoy smut?? Maybe so, but
if smut is what you are into, keep it out of something that is wholesome and
informative, like ridecamp. I don't read porn, and I don't need to know
about your sex life, sex is NOT a spectator sport, despite the movies and TV.
And why is it that you had the courage to hammer me like that, obscenities,
threats, mispellings, gramatical errors and all, but you didn't have the same
courage to put down your name and e mail address?.

Coward. At least I took my lumps like a man, even though I am a woman.

It worries me that you are out there in endurance riding land. Your threats
don't scare me..but they do concern me................