Re: oleanders?

Frank W. Vans Evers (
Sat, 01 Nov 1997 20:21:20 -0500

If you cut a plant and it oozes a milky sap it is NOT good for any thing
to eat.....

It is poison... Check your local library for specifics.

/s/ Frank in seffner florida


Susan Evans Garlinghouse wrote:
> Hi all,
> Could one of the vets (or anyone else) on the list tell me whether
> oleander is really as toxic to horses as they say? I've heard
> everything from "it doesn't matter because no horse will eat it" (yeah,
> right) to "one leaf and they're dead within 24 hours". I heard stories
> a few years ago about Friesians being fed a handful of oleanders by
> well-intentioned show-goers and dying soon thereafter despite veterinary
> intervention.
> The reason I ask is because an Elks Lodge is being built right next to
> my place and they want to be able to plant oleanders on the greenbelt
> that separates their property from my horse's corral. Despite a planned
> six foot barrier wall, I know how high oleander can grow and believe me
> when I say that there is no force in nature that will keep George of the
> Jungle (the former Spudnuts, 'cept now we're Spudnutless :-D) out of any
> trouble he sets his sights and appetite on. Not to mention leaves drop
> and winds blow and s**t happens. The final Planning Commission hearing
> is next week and I plan to be there raising holy hell about oleanders if
> this is a threat to my horses. When I called the Elks themselves, I got
> blank looks and a response of, "Oh, don't worry, we have plenty of
> insurance to cover that sort of liability." Like I could place a value
> on Dakota, Cato, Katy and Puzzle. Argh.
> Sorry, I know this isn't directly endurance-related, except that if I'm
> right and they're wrong, there might be four less endurance horses in
> the world...any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
> Susan and...
> Cato ("you know I never eat anything that moves in the wind")
> Katy ("you know I never eat anything not directly from Daddy's hands")
> Puzzle ("you know I never eat anything except sand and leg wraps")
> Dakota aka George of the Jungle ("Look! They're putting in a salad bar
> next door!")

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